Friday, September 9, 2011

Paradox of progressive political infrastructure strategy in non-biological systems

Business owners meet qualified and interested candidates in political parties on the verge of an election campaign. The most qualified candidates, who can provide profits in financial market, select to political campaign. The above illustration fig 1(political construction) shows, how business owners approach to appropriate candidate and offer uniform guidelines for duration of performance with high venture capital. Character maps of authoritarian favor candidate can be identified by regular assignments and activities in political parties. Business owners with system advisers commit to process for “successful political economic system” and curtail rising costs. Parameters on harmonic balance for biological systems always restrain on global strategies due to cost-effectiveness prospects. Business owners have not an intimate knowledge of a complexity paradigm on the evolutionary path of system performances; therefore, maximum disparity parameter of harmonic balance can allocate on character map of candidate A2. System owners and political advisers contribute media protection to candidate A2 and urge system elements to promote candidate to level up in rank.
Candidate A2 has not holistic view in global strategy; therefore, candidate makes promises in political campaign with unrealistic parameters. Some global strategies are instance parameters for business owners’ platform. Relatively inflexible parameter strategies have implemented on “global political strategy” prior to organize a political campaign. System owners interact with uncompromised parameter strategies for economic convergence process on “global political strategy”. Parameter strategies can implement for long term process, however, they can modify for short term anxiety regulation mechanism.
Candidate A2 initiates to acquire real information about “global political strategies” when he becomes system owner. He may not digest entire “global political strategies” because some parameters articulate for divergent rotational modes on internal and external system environments. Critical algorithmic parameters instantiate on system platform in order to optimize abstract associated defective functional activity.
System owner discovers large gap between his promises during a political campaign and concept of functional reality on global political strategies. He realizes that there is not any potential to modify uncompromised global political strategies in order to keep campaign promises. Instance parameters of “global political strategies” allocate in platform of business owners. Modification of parameters in business owners’ platform can create invisible entities both for internal and external system environments. “Global political strategies” would be modified by business owners when instance parameters achieve long or short term programming options.
System owner sometimes get impression that system betrays his confidence in “global political strategies”; however, his top down economic prosperity model and social development on progressive political infrastructure can relieve mental anguish. System owner try even to step on offensive zone of invisible entities, fig 1 (political construction), in order to reconcile with system elements but it does improve defective and hypothetical promises. “Keys Parameter Improvements” contribute more profits to instance parameters on business owners’ platform than system elements. “Keys Parameter Improvements” always evaluate by a vision based business owners.
System owner realizes that progressive political infrastructure requires good movements and changing the rules of the political game. His high ranking authorities on hierarchy layer constraints to local parameters, which do not involve in “global political strategies”. System owner might be substituted by his successor on hierarchy layer due to a complicated vicious cycle on system platform.
Business owners may detect frustrations among system elements because of critical of poor performances on hierarchy layer. Unique parameters on new political campaign can challenge of a changing system. System elements would become optimist and behave positive toward “global political strategies” in behave of a new economic era. Candidate B1 would have close perspective with business owners; therefore, public media suppose to illustrate new instance parameters in political campaign and economic recovery. Modification of job market plan, appropriate mortgage solutions and positive economic outlook would give good impression to system elements. 
A sudden parameter changes on business owner platform cause chaos in entire system environments because system infrastructure rely on business owners performances. According to observational study, iterative parameter stimulation guidelines for thread interoperability in biological systems must be emerged smoothly in business owners’ platform. Embedding parameters must be feasible, flexible, content of core ethical values in order to promote harmonic balance for biological systems.
System owner rely on a vision based business owners; consequently, problem solutions inspires value outcomes on “global political strategies”.
Breathtaking hypocrisy on Broken Promises during political campaign may cause frustration and agony for system owner. He signed an obligation to observe silence in associated global strategies; therefore, he cannot discuss an ethical dilemma and shared experience on hierarchy layer with system elements.
Parameters on “Global Political Strategies” are constraints and they may not modify by system owner. System owner can just modify local parameters under some circumstances. Domain of local parameters must not entangle with instance parameters in “Global Political Strategies”. 
System owner can perpetuate his position of power as long as he can compromise with parameters on "Global Political Strategies".

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