Saturday, September 3, 2011

Signal safety for value chain framework requires rapid economic consolidation

Signal security parameters create short or long term interruption for chain value model. Interruption signals terminate invisible entities through security process map on value chain platforms; consequently, value chain frameworks can experience economic consolidation.
Value chain frameworks with automatic signal security mechanism can pursue a competitive advantage without interruption of signal path and save costs.
Keen observational skills with consistent high awareness of activities in value chain model ensure reliability performances and minimize signal security interruptions.

Digested component in biological systems send a signal to brain when component registers maximum capacity of food in the stomachs. An array of signal safety reaches to brain component in 20 minutes. However, biological systems accept inputs (without interruption of signal path) during 20 minutes.
Keen observation on process of nutrition prevents overburden on system inputs during 20 minutes. It minimizes generation of invisible entities due to overburden on system inputs. Observational skills on healthy eating process can offer good health care value and competitive advantage to biological systems.

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