Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Commerce Credit Mechanism modifies social status of biological systems

The embedded Commerce Credit Mechanism provides competitive equilibrium for economic transactions in non-biological systems. Besides, it generates key control regulations and security guard for Transaction Processing Performance in accordance with instance rules on global variables. 
System elements oblige to pay back a loan or other debt obligation with interest rate under requirements of transaction contract. System elements may not have a chance to hold entity purchases due to the chaotic Labor Market conditions. System elements face financial vulnerability on the path of system performances; therefore, the financial vulnerability reduces Harmonic Balance in biological systems. The Credit Mechanism set a false loop of authorized possession for biological systems with unlimited time. Underestimate financial vulnerability can put biological systems on the verge of a breakdown mode.
Systems owners must embed security strategy in Commerce Credit Mechanism since chaotic Labor Market modifies economic Standard of Living. Security strategy on Commerce Credit Mechanism must target Harmonic Balance for biological systems. Henceforth, a harmonic equation with stability can generate in non-biological systems and external environments. Security strategy on Commerce Credit Mechanism ensure in the first phase Harmonic Balance on biological systems and in the second phase Transaction Processing Performance.

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