Monday, November 7, 2011

Hypocrisy plays a crucial role in providing a competitive advantage

Parameter of hypocrisy plays a crucial role in providing a competitive advantage. A sophisticated pattern of hypocrisy ensures sustainable in providing a competitive advantage. It promotes improvement of economic development in system environments. However, it creates multiple invisible entities concurrently in biological systems and non-biological systems. For example, IT-project members can even use instance parameter of hypocrisy as a project collaboration tools for coordination and communication. A complicated pattern of hypocrisy modifies project activities, product accountability, and value of customer reliability. The sophisticated pattern of hypocrisy challenge systems owners to exploit a wide variety of solutions in project assignments. Parameter of hypocrisy can be a constant global parameter in biological systems.
According to observational study, exercise anti-hypocrisy can create a critical thinking culture in social credibility and behavioral inconsistency for biological systems due to social norms. Parameter of hypocrisy embeds on global variables for effective communication in system framework. Social norms are instance parameters of global variables and function as criteria for effective communications. Parameter of hypocrisy will not be eliminated in system platforms; therefore, invisible entities always propagate in social behavior and social context. The characteristics of hypocrisy illustrate dishonesty, carelessness, and selfishness of biological systems through evolutionary path of system performances.
Biological systems use sequence pattern in a wide variety of hypocrisy and cynicism in order to create a harmonic balance.

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