Sunday, November 13, 2011

Perpetuate hypocrisy generate invisible entities on biological systems and non-biological systems

Parameter of hypocrisy articulates on global variables for adaptability of external changes on non-biological systems. Systems owners require sometimes creating interoperability within system framework in order to achieve good system performance.  Changes in external environments challenge systems owners face obscure enormous strategic changes. Systems owners impose to embed integrated parameters of external forces on global variables, which contradict with the nature of system environment correlation and property parameter values. Dynamic Alignment mechanism on global variables recognize as a state of solutions by parameter of hypocrisy.
Perpetuate hypocrisy mechanism on global variables generate invisible entities on the evolutionary path of system performances.
Biological systems impose consciously and unconsciously hypocrisy as a defense mechanism for paranoid changes in non-biological systems in terms of harmonic balance. Failure to impose total parameter of hypocrisy on social behavior can cause breakdown mode.  
Perpetuate hypocrisy mechanism and exercise on social perception modifies global variables on biological systems and social perspectives.

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