Sunday, February 5, 2012

Critical global variables modify Systems Community Norms and Values

Creation of array Global variables base on structural parameters in the Global Economy; thus, quality performance accreditation for system elements would not be prioritized on non-biological systems. Critical Global variables articulate on hierarchy layers and they modify instance parameters on operational systems.

An instance with modified inherits parameter values would call open loop performances and vicious cycles. Open loops cause parameter complexity in performance mechanisms of system elements.  Complexities in performances urge system elements to look at parameter optimizations. Low state fairness, self-interest, and algorithm needs would provoke system elements to select defective parameters on the evolutionary path. Buffer allocation of defective parameters can gradually develop into a Provisional Platform*. System elements save “Performance Complexity Trade-offs*” on non-biological systems in behalf of competitive advantages for future lead Fig (1) Provisional platform.

Systems owners would discover that system elements use attribute Trade-offs on Provisional Platform in order to pursue self-interest and to achieve performance outcomes. But systems owners ignore to handle potential complexity on Provisional Platform because instance parameters on Platform gain and maintain strategic competitive advantages. In short term, tolerant of errors on potential complexity can save costs for systems owners. Attributes on Provisional Platform can promote performance of system elements and adjust profit rises for Global Economy; hence, systems owners show partially positive attitude towards hypothetical Attribute Trade-offs on Provisional Platform. Unethical parameters on Provisional Platform integrate with system frameworks on the evolutionary path. Usability and feasibility of attribute Trade-offs on Provisional Platform challenge system elements to use them for competitive advantages. Increasing popularity of attribute Trade-offs can modify Community Norms and Values on long term mortality Fig (1) Provisional platform.

A Provisional Platform refers to a virtual local platform, which generate by algorithm needs of system elements on non-biological systems. System owners and system elements have high awareness of Local Storage Platform, which hint and promote competitive advantages on non-biological systems.


“Performance Complexity Trade-offs” imply to trade-offs between functional global variables and local algorithm needs. System elements focus on profitability during complex solving performances. Local algorithm parameter needs must be compatible with functional global variables. Sophisticated local algorithm parameters fulfill needs and produce profitability for system elements. Optimal Algorithms save on Provisional Platform for further competitive advantages.   

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