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Gaining a competitive advantage leads inconspicuously to revolutionize core-competencies in labor markets

Systems owners oblige to assess effectiveness for both technologies and human resources in non-biological systems in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in a broad range of market or industry segments. One of solid solution mechanisms in a tough competitive environment is to breakdown of annual system costs. Human resource costs can identify as a major issue, which face in gaining competitive advantage.
The measurement of human resource costs is an indispensable approach for breaking down construction costs.
The main element of costs in non-biological systems is human resource costs; hence, systems owners target salaries, benefits of human resources and labor performance/efficiency. Two key criteria can improve costs and reliability outcomes in non-biological systems.  “Low Salaries” and “High Speed Performances” can maximize efficiency within business activities and reduce total costs in system platforms. The role of high efficiency performance and labor productivity ensure strategic planning for competitive advantages. “Low Salaries” and “High Speed Performances” challenge systems owners to revolutionize labor market and social parameters. Two key criteria determine who would have chance of employment in system environments. “Low Salaries” urge systems owners to implement a strategy pattern for insourcing, outsourcing, and youth employment. “High Speed Performances” suggest hiring a strong and healthy employee with very good stress tolerance. Employees suppose to perform assignments two times or faster than previous paradigms. These two criteria revolutionize and modify core-competencies in labor markets. Systems owners make self-interest for hiring candidates through “Global Group Profile” (Multi-criteria aggregation, which associate with instance parameters of Provisional Platform).
In other words, job candidate suppose to fulfill requirements in “Global Group Profile”. Human resource departments review job candidates’ profiles and then compare Profile Attributes with attributes in “Global Group Profile”. This approach is not optimal solution for social complexities because many job candidates can discriminate in labor market due to construction of “Global Group Profile”.

“Global Group Profile” can generate profits for corporations in short term; however, it makes economic issues, social burden, open loops of productivity, and instability on the evolutionary path of non-biological system performances. The first two sharp key criteria in “Global Group Profile” are “low Salaries” and “High Speed Performances”. Candidate without these two key criteria may not move forward in the recruitment process. However, job candidates with high levels of qualifications, essential skill levels, and remarkable experiences are exceptions to the rule.

Complex core-competencies can create through stacks of Provisional Platform and ethical global variables replace by string in “Performance Complexity Trade-offs”. Job Networks & Relatives create attributes on “Performance Complexity Trade-offs”. Austerity measures and downsizing strategy for workforces can activate procedure runs in trade-offs conceptual framework on Provisional Platform.

Two Recruitment channels use to hire high skilled candidates. Channel (A) use for candidates, who have associated job networks. Channel (B) use for candidates without job networks, dissatisfied employees, and recruiting/headhunters (non-profit public service firms) without associated networks.

Job candidates exploit proactively associated networks & relatives in order to get a job. This approach was contradicted to global variable values and social norms. Unethical nepotism is unfair treatment by favoring relatives who do not merit for specific position. Give preferential treatment even to the children of employees when labor market face turbulence is not ethical approach. However, preferential treatment can be used in a way that violates principles of justice and fairness. Acquisition of education and jobs has become tribal issue due to nepotism.

According to statistic reported by system owner, 65 percent of job candidates get jobs through Channel (A) Fig (1). Universe is high integrated system; thus, Channel (A) can exist in almost many non-biological systems. Nepotism is a tool of corruption and cause troubles for presentation of job candidates; nevertheless, it gains good competitive advantage to job candidates, who have community networks. Nepotism can reduce the natural unemployment rate and contribute to Global Economy; consequently, systems owners interpret ugly nepotism to smart network solutions for job candidates. Today job candidates encourage finding career opportunities in non-biological systems through variety community networks. Low basic requirements for employments cause low proportion of qualified labors in many social networking communities.
This is absolute hypocrisy of systems owners, who provide the chaotic labor market. This conceptual paradigm and approach for labor market illustrates how unethical parameter on global variables can convert to social complexities. The paradox of labor market indicates how unethical social norm on Provisional Platform can modify Global Variables. According to observational study, modification of Global Variables by “Provisional Platform” creates “Critical Global Variables”. “Performance Complexity Trade- offs” is equation for removing temporary issues and it explains reduction of stimulus complexity in labor market among others.

According to statistic reported by system owner, 35 percent of job candidates get job through Channel (B). Three focus groups can attract to Channel (B) Fig (1).
1) Individual candidates without job networks look for jobs through Channel (B).
2) Dissatisfied Employees without job networks apply directly to employers in order to raise salaries. According to statistic reported by system owner, 45 percent of IT-employees are dissatisfied with employers.
3) Recruiting/headhunters without job network affiliation (non-profits Consulting Careers). Nonprofits consulting Careers cooperate with system authorities and advise graduate students. Some of nonprofits consulting firms change public commitment and charitable gestures to a profit focused enterprise in Channel (B).  Job candidates without backlink networks in Channel (B) would sometimes pay high commission to headhunter firms for huge range of interesting jobs in Channel (A). Headhunters ensure job seekers finding an appropriate job Fig (1).  Job candidates face increasingly competitive environments in Channel (B) because more job candidates with high qualification target Channel (B) than Channel (A); besides, advanced level competencies are demand in Channel (B).  Job candidates without backlink networks and capital may not get job in Channel (B). “Dissatisfied Employees” and “Headhunter Firms” have ultimate power in Channel (B) because employers give a distinct advantage to job candidates, who have jobs Fig (1). “Headhunter Firms” prefer to cooperate with unhappy employees because they are more attractive than poor unemployed without job network. Besides, “Unhappy Employees” have fresh references.

Poor job candidates without backlink networks in channel (B) seek jobs without significant results. In long term, job candidates in Channel (B) diminish work capacity in labor market opportunities because of isolation and discrimination. Phase 2 in Channel (B) is Rehabilitation process. Job candidates participate in the rehabilitation process in order to recover damages Fig (2).


Legitimate context of social parameters can activate for work performances by system elements because legitimate social parameters are instance threads of Global Variables. Social parameters do not activate work performances when Global Variables do not create an instance of thread. Global variables provide codes, which run in the thread through system platform. Provisional Platform is a framework, which can activate instance thread of Global Variables and provides codes, which run in the thread. Many contexts of social parameters activate for performances due to compromise between parameters on Global variables and parameters on Provisional Platform.


In the past time systems owners hide performance complexity from external entities because parameter complexity illustrates key management errors. Today, systems owners are not ashamed or afraid to proclaim that routine performances cause stress among human resources. Many labors perform assignments with high stress (High Speed Performances); although, stress can contribute to burnout. The paradox of strategic control for proclaiming so-called unethical parameters in internal and external environments is a sociological phenomenon, which spread contagious concept among systems owners.  


Many labors are in layoffs under different modes of stress and complexities; despite the fact that many other labors perform assignments at work with high stress. The Discrepancy Mode between two labor groups indicates invisible entities on the evolutionary path of biological systems.


A Provisional Platform refers to a virtual local platform, which generate by algorithm needs of system elements on non-biological systems. System owners and system elements have high awareness of Local Storage Platform, which hint and promote competitive advantages on non-biological systems.

Individual candidates without job networks with good prosperity have better chance to get job through Enterprise Recruitment Firms in Channel (A). This type recruiting firms operate in the impact investing of job candidates. Recruitment agencies can quarantine job vacancies available through their own social network when job seekers pay for high commission claims. Invisible entities generate when non-profit/ public service sectors change totally activities and visions because systems owners aim and maximize own values in the first place instead of customer values. 

Long term unemployed without job networks will not be hired by employers due to imposition of long term isolation. Long term unemployed can face double discrimination, which expose invisible entities in non-biological systems.

Long term unemployed with all around healthy modes force to accept indecent employments that do not fit their college educations or qualifications without compensations. Long term unemployed to labor market receive unemployment benefits and they suppose to work until retirement without developments, which stir hope for future. However, classmates to long term unemployed can increase range of prosperity for a future prospective though Channel (A). Parameter discrepancies illustrate another prognostic assessment of invisible entities in non-biological systems.

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