Thursday, August 22, 2013

Weak entities are always victims of “Demonization or Dehumanization”

The Competition in the global market economy modifies the sense of empathy among human being.  The Poor sense of empathy modifies Health-care and Social Service for next generation.

Systems Owners always search for the best way to improve competitive advantage and eliminate problematic opponents from a match.  The global competition requires a strong competitive advantage within system platform. A wide variety of sophisticated methods and strategies execute in system platforms due to competition in the global market economy. One of the popular methods with critical thinking is “Demonization or Dehumanization”. This approach is offensive, quick, and with low cost assessment.

Systems Owners try to identify opponents’ weak points in order to overcome opponents. They can quite literally demonize or dehumanize opponents through short or long term strategic planning process. Identified Unethical Parameters can connect to opponent’s integrity. Integrity Mechanism can remove powerful opponents from competitive environments. The invisible Side-effects of implementation method may modify property of Biological and Non-Biological Systems. The hidden parameters in Side-effects of starvation mode would convert to multidimensional complexities on evolutionary path of system performances. 

Many entities can be demonized or dehumanized by other entities just for own benefits.  However, entities with low social status cannot defeat problematic opponents easily. A big Cooperation or a strong government can beat opponents through method of “Demonization or Dehumanization” because of  Power of Credibility. Individuals at the lowest layer in system platform and weak governments are always victims of “Demonization or Dehumanization”.

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