Monday, October 7, 2013

The role of harmonic global variables in Feedback Mechanism

The Feedback Mechanism is a thread of FM Primary Instinct in Biological Systems.  Active FM Primary Instinct sustains peace and harmony on the evolutionary path of systems performances. FM Primary Instinct is an instance of Harmonic Balance. It would be functional active when the level of harmonic balance increases considerably in Brain, and vice versa.  Active FM Primary Instinct increase and improve attention span in Biological Systems; therefore, Feedback mechanism operates effectively. Optimal Feedback Mechanism harmonizes entities in system infrastructure.

The level of Harmonic Balance in brain is modified by external environmental forces. Global variables in Non-Biological Systems use to modify external environmental forces. Parameters in global variables articulate and govern through perceptions and interpretations of Systems Owners in a competitive world. An economic perspective is one of the crucial keys to business success and it ensures sustainability in a Competitive world.

Biological systems and Non-biological Systems encounter invisible entities and eventually a tragic breakdown while feedback mechanism fails to respond open loop mode. Feedback mechanism must be consistent, concrete, and send urgent safeguarding for entities prior to breakdown mode. Systems Owners usually fail to generate feedback to their own systems due to lacking management skills and obsession for economic perspective.  Parameters in competitive world hamper a tentative rational feedback in system platforms. Optimal feedback mechanism minimizes invisible entities and improves communications among system elements.

Individuals sometimes cannot provide effective feedback to surroundings because of lower level of attention. Efficient harmonic balance maximizes attention to surrounding. A good Harmonic balance appears in Biological Systems when Non-biological Systems contain a satisfactory level of harmonic balance. Harmonic global variables create harmonic balance in Non-Biological Systems. Systems Owners with harmonic perception can determine and produce harmonic parameters in global structure.


Observation 1:
According to observational study, an optimal feedback mechanism with a dynamic interaction can extend life expectancy for aquarium fish species.
Observation 2:
There is a deterministic algorithm between Global variables in Non-biological Systems and Optimal Feedback Mechanism.
Observation 3: Optimal Feedback Mechanism maximizes awareness in Decision Making.
Observation 4: Defective sensors hamper Feedback Mechanism in technology life cycle. Poor programming for feedback control in IT-applications reduce productivity & efficiency, increase costs, cause security issues, and eventually decrease customer satisfaction.
Observation 5: A teacher with good sense of feedback has happy students with excellent knowledge. Parents with good harmony can generate reasonable feedback to their own children. Citizens can give unsolicited advice without offending someone when harmonic balance exists in system environment.
Observation 6: Parameters in Harmonic Balance feed Secondary Instinct and Primary Instinct.
Observation 7:
Global variables refer to rules and laws in communities and countries. Non-Biological systems refer to organizations, communities, component in technologies, and countries. Biological Systems refer to human and animal.
Observation 8:
Algorithms in Feedback Mechanism reveal framework for practical solution to complexity. 
Observation 9:
Irrational Global Variables inspires hypocrisy in external environment. Parameter hypocrisy in external environment restrains Feedback Mechanism. Systems Owners can eliminate defective parameters in Global Variables, which inspire possibly hypocrisy in system platforms. Clumsy Global Variables generate always inspiration for hypocrisy. It is quite unfortunate that clumsy Global variables can sometimes align with parameters in Competitive World.
Observation 10:
Exercise hypocrisy cross system platform on the evolutionary path of system performance creates multiple complexities with no solution.
Observation 11:
Harmonic balance in brain contributes to intellectual decision making and optimal Feedback Mechanism.

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