Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The role of a Superego Adjuster in Project management property

An instinct is an inborn complex paradigm of behavior which exists in every member of Biological Systems. Instinct embeds in the genetic code and it cannot be vanquished by internal and external forces. Most repeated behavior pattern can be considered as instinctual, which do not require excellent consciousness to carry out. Biological Systems have thousands invisible instincts and each target at ensuring genetic survival. Vulnerability to fulfill natural instincts can cause behavioral disorders. Instincts can be categorized into two instinctual subtypes as follows:

1- Primary Instincts tend to dominate and get Biological System’s attention.

2- Secondary Instincts tend to be an area of some tension and perform services for Primary Instincts.

Biological Systems use Secondary Instincts in order to fulfill Primary Instincts.

Functional Mechanisms of instincts involve generally in 3 stages of processing. It initiates with open loop (stimuli), prepare for basic action, and closed loop (response).

Most instincts are inactive and become active along life’s journey through different environmental mechanisms.

Systems Owners suppose to create harmonic environments for system elements in order to activate those Vital Instincts, which are inactive. Certain Vital Instincts can be activated through instance Global Variables, which consolidate with a wide variety of harmonic characteristics.

Some other Primary Instincts can be activated by Secondary Instinct through genetic codes; however, Vital Primary Instincts demand activation and presence of Associated Primary Instincts.

For example, state of strengthen competitiveness requires braveness and ambition. These two Associated Primary Instincts must be activated on behalf of a Competitive Instinct; otherwise, a Competitive Instinct would encounter open loop.

Active Associated Primary Instincts require harmony balance in brain and then they ensure functional performance criteria in certain Vital Primary Instincts.

Lack of harmony balance in brain prevents Secondary Instinct activate Primary Instincts. It is indispensable to generate harmonic balance in brain prior to activate Primary Instincts. Two external channels can modify harmonic balance in brain.

The first channel, which modifies harmonic balance in brain, is structure of Global Variables.  Systems Owners articulates Global Variables in system environments. The optimal Global Variables modify consecutively system platform, brain of system elements, and eventually activate their vital Primary Instincts. System elements have no control toward articulation of Global Variables and harmonic brain.

The second channel can offer more freedom of choice to system elements through Superego Adjuster (factors of an array in external forces). System elements can determine how to modify harmonic balance in brain. “Factors of an array in external forces” refers to [Religions], [Life Philosophy], [cultural paradigms], [Psychoanalytic Aspects], [Austere Lifestyle], [Power and Materialistic World View].  

Superego Adjuster functions as a sensor and it can either abolish or provoke Superego and Secondary Instinct. The Superego Adjuster modifies Superego parameters and Secondary Instinct.  The Superego restrains both certain functions in Secondary Instinct and instance parameters of Primary Instincts. For example, Secondary Instinct cannot call Associated Primary Instincts and activate them. Optimal Superego Adjuster promotes Superego, Secondary Instinct, and Primary Instincts.

This case study focuses on a particular Vital Primary Instinct, which promotes and improves project management. Self awareness is one of the vital Primary Instincts, which contribute to communication style and project team collaboration. Self awareness would sometimes identify as a key critical issue for team members in project activities when it requires tight collaboration for success. Optimal self awareness with harmonic brain empowers project teams and Systems Owners.

Certain Vital Primary Instincts cannot activate without presence of harmonic balance in brain. Activating a vital Primary Instinct requires the use of harmonic brain.

Awareness Primary Instinct would not be activated without harmonic brain. Systems Owners identify, formulate, and articulate harmonic parameters in Global Variables according to circumstances in Competitive World. Harmonic parameters in Global Variables merge in project activities and inspire Awareness Primary Instinct. Project activities create and offer a buffer of harmonic balance to project members.  Harmonic brain preserves and ensures active Awareness Instinct among project members. Defective Global Variables would not ensure environmental sustainability and active Awareness Instinct; therefore, Project members need to search harmonic parameters through other channels and promotional codes (Superego Adjuster).

Optimal Superego Adjuster modifies Superego, Second Instinct, and Harmonic Balance in brain. Optimal Superego Adjuster with optimal Global Variables ensures optimal Self awareness in Project Activities.

Invisible entities generate in Project Management Property if Systems Owners miss iterative algorithms for harmonic balance in structure of Global Variables (Project Strategy). 


According to observational study number of project team members, who exploits Superego Adjuster on behalf of harmonic mind, is very low. Absence of Superego Adjuster hampers Primary Instinct activation keys by Secondary Instinct.


Generally most complexity in social behavior has correlated with absence of Vital Primary Instincts. Complexity in social behavior cause massive side-effects on the evolutionary path of systems performances.  


A sequential algorithmic pattern in Global Variable inspires Systems Elements to select ineffective Superego Adjuster; thus, most Vital Primary Instincts are isolated and inactive.

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