Tuesday, April 22, 2014

External forces modify Algorithmic Mechanism in Social Contexts

The observational study has been identified instance of the most complex breakdown structure in Biological Systems and Non-biological Systems during past seven years. Instance reference model of breakdown structure is Algorithmic Complexity in Social Context, which is articulated by Systems Owners.

Economic Perspective, Global Competition, and Big Corporation’s influence on Global Variables distract Systems Owners from successfully implementing Algorithm Complexity Analysis in Social Context.

Social Contexts activate and inactivate Instincts in Biological Systems. New Instincts modify Social contexts and create multiple cycle characteristics. Each cycle is modified by Active and Inactive Instincts and creates hidden Social Contexts.

Evolution of Algorithmic Mechanism in Social Contexts generates internal and external complexity in System environment. 

Elite & Big Business Corporations inspire System Owner to create significant economic strategy and achieve sustainable Competitive Advantage. Business Owner target economic development and engage in a form of benefit-costs analysis. Economic performances modify rationality of the Economic Instinct in long term. System Owner would be obsessed with revenue prospects and Competitive Advantage. Therefore, Harmonic Balance for Biological Systems and Non-biological Systems might be eliminated by Systems Owners through Global Variables due to cost benefit analysis.   
Social Context with low Harmonic Balance activates Unethical Instincts and Inactivate Ethical Instincts. Unethical Instincts modify Social Context with low Harmonic Balance and it creates second cycle of Social Context with lower Harmonic Balance. Multiple open loops generate chaotic situations and the most complex algorithms across System platform.
Systems Owners should have taken moral responsibility for turmoil in Social Contexts and eventually create Decentralized Control System. Ultimate Competitive advantage lies beyond Elite & Big Business Corporation and misery lies at the lower Social Layers. 

Systems Owners can reduce Social and Global tragedy by maximizing Harmonic Balance in Global Variables for both Biological Systems and Non-biological Systems. Eventually, change policy pattern with Big Corporations.


Complex Global Variables can inspire, emphasize, and propagate hypocrisy in system platforms.


Algorithm performance in Non-biological Systems is encapsulated by different program languages, for example (Java, C++). Algorithm performance in Biological Systems is encapsulated and oriented by natural contexts through natural Instincts.

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