Saturday, May 10, 2014

Habitual instinct sheer hypocrisy and create a vicious cycle in social context

Multinational Corporations with ambitious plan for their own economic growth would be willing to change social norms through Global Variables.  Changes in social norms modify significantly culture, lifestyle, and social evolution. Misperceptions of social norms, add value just for Economic perspective, and eliminate Harmonic Balance in Biological Systems & Non-biological Systems due to economic burden can activate Unethical Instincts and inactivate Ethical Instincts in Biological Systems. Unethical Instincts adapt and adjust social changes through practical experience and social involvement. Biological Systems improve alignment criteria for social mapping by using Unethical Instincts. Parameter Adjustment activates Habitual Instinct in Biological Systems. Activated Habitual Instincts ensure social integration and convergence of Global Variables.  The pattern matching algorithm in Habitual Instinct generates social hypocrisy in long term. Habitual behavior causes sometimes side-effects and complexity for Biological Systems because habitual behavior is not inherited from Natural Instincts. Habitual behavior is learned behavior, which pursuit social integration in this example. It functions automatically through subconscious for solutions to social problems. Mechanism of habitual behavior is used as a tool in the second stage in order to match with social context.  Sometimes, characterized parameters in adaptive behavior are neither legally nor morally acceptable in community. Thus, it would give bad conscious and serious depression for using them.  One of the parameters that have cognitive side-effects in social context is Hypocrisy, which involve in prospects principle of personal value. Hypocrisy mobilizes and transmits from Biological Systems to social context with a wide variety time interference alignment.
Systems Owners try to handle critical hypocrisy, which transmit from Biological Systems to Social Context. Simple solution is to articulate new hypocrisy of another kind in Global Variables. Consequently, vicious cycle of anxiety might be provoked by new hypocrisy model in social context.

Effect of time interval between (Active and Inactive instincts) and (Hypocrisy Mobilization) on Social Context depends on changes in social norms and complex pattern matching algorithm for social integration.

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