Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Paradigm of Social Hypocrisy and Hypocritical Instinct

Hypocritical Instinct is both Defense Mechanism and Promoter Mechanism within Biological Systems. However, it generates complex parameters in Social Context when Systems Owners articulate unintentionally hypocritical parameters in Global Variables.  Hypocritical parameters can generate in Social Context as common side-effects of Global Variables.  Hypocritical parameters mobilize in Social Context and create Hypocrisy in long term. Social Hypocrisy activates and stimulates Hypocritical Instinct in Biological Systems. Hypocritical Instinct propagates and rolls back new Social Hypocrisy in long term.

Systems Owners cannot eliminate allocated parameters in Social Hypocrisy because of instance allocated parameters in Global Variables. Defective parameters in Global Variables may not eliminate due to inherited parameter in Competitive World.

Social Hypocrisy must be sub-optimized by Systems Owners through new hypocritical parameters. Thus, multiple Social Hypocrisies modify Social Context on the evolutionary path of System performance. By the common sense, Social Context is surrounded by Hypocrisies and undesirable common side-effects of Hypocrisies. 

Sub-optimization for Social Hypocrisy is cost-effective and it would not require necessary empirical knowledge of evolution.

Stimulate Systems Owners’ paternal instinct or maternal instinct can pave the way for improving sustainable Harmonic Balance in Biological Systems and Non-biological Systems.


The number of Active and Inactive Primary Instincts determine pattern matching algorithms in Decision Making.  Two Biological Systems would not have same number of Active and Inactive Primary Instincts; therefore, Biological Systems have unique characteristics. The number of Active and Inactive Primary Instincts distinguish different perspectives in Social Context.

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