Sunday, May 25, 2014

Single component with Radical Hypocrisy within integrated System perpetuate complexity

This case study is focused on external forces within hierarchical structure and Hypocrisy of integration through sequential algorithmic pattern on the bottom layer.

External forces articulate entrepreneurship from the economics perspective within Competitive World.  The promotional strategy for growth requires integration among three industrial societies.  Integrated design strategy is based on economic views of external forces; furthermore, integrity mechanism is implemented by Systems Owners.

Entrepreneurial activity and integrity mechanism within Social Context may have collision course with each other. Because, Entrepreneurial activities have obsessive tendencies to target economic performances and integrity mechanism in social environment demand Harmonic Balance in Biological Systems and Non-biological Systems. Harmonic Balance is identified as an economic burden and it hinders progress for entrepreneurial activities.

Due to system integration various types of Hypocrisies appear among side-effects in single and numerous consecutive phases. System A is faced with Conservative Hypocrisy (simple form Hypocrisy) in the first phase. Hypocrisy grows fast and develops in the second and third phases. However, system B is faced with Radical Hypocrisy in the first phase and sustains complexity without continuing in the second phase. System C is faced with three consecutive side-effects and Radical Hypocrisy is appeared in the third phase. Time period has not equal length for appearance of hypocrisy in system integration; besides, hypocrisies have different characters in these three systems. In system integration, sign of Hypocrisy can show up either early in one system or later in the other system.

System Owner cannot eliminate hypocritical parameters locally because instance threads to Hypocrisy are in Global Variables, Competitive World, and environmental entities in other system platforms. System Owner (System A) may articulate and modify Hypocrisy locally in Social Context by new feature of Hypocrisy within Global Variables; thus, new characteristic of Hypocrisy would mobilize and possess in the next phase. Fuzzy optimization can perpetuate in system platforms through multiple complexities.

Multiple radical Hypocrisies in Social Context cannot improve locally by local ethical parameters. It would be intricate structures for turning Hypocrisies into moderate complexity when Hypocrisy involve in integrated systems.
Social Hypocrisy might be modified by structural parameters in Competitive World. Elite and Big Corporation scrutinize economic indicators and integrated components before modification. In the case of competitive advantages, Structure parameters in Competitive World and other integrated systems would be changed in order to turn radical Hypocrisies into moderate complexity in single system.
It is not quite cost-effective to change structural parameters in Competitive World in terms of improving Radical Social Hypocrisy. Therefore, Single component with exposed Hypocrisy within integrated system perpetuate complexity.
Hypocrisy is both offensive and defensive mechanism in Biological Systems. Seemingly, Hypocrisy functions as a part of human nature and it refers to the distinguishing characteristics. Parameter of Hypocrisy can be fluctuated in Social Context but Hypocrisy will never be eliminated in Social Context. Parameter of Hypocrisy can be contained within contents of problem solving, developing options, and decision making. Parameter of Hypocrisy must be controlled and constrained in Social Context.
According to observational study, parameter of Hypocrisy in Social Context increase rapidly due to cost-effectiveness, high intensity using daily and operational simplicity. Radical Hypocrisy causes complex legislation and regulations. Eventually, social anxiety disorder tends to modify social behavior and creates human tragedy. Persistence and durability of each phase depends on characteristics of Social Hypocrisy.

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