Saturday, June 7, 2014

Repeated cycles of anguish and Rampage Violence cross Social Context

Social Hypocrisy modifies wide variety of living sources in Social Context and creates invisible entities in system platform. Biological Systems are always injured by Global and Social Hypocrisy, which develop through five consecutive stages, according to figure 1.

The first stage of injury shows Modified Biological Systems in Social Context due to Global Hypocrisy. The second stage illustrates Isolation Mode because of Social Hypocrisy. Loneliness with psychological effects from Isolation and Social Hypocrisy leads to vicious cycle of anxiety in Social Context.

Social Authority may encounter many isolated people who experience mental illness in the community. Isolated people with mental health conditions cause serious economic losses due to expensive rehab programs, medical care costs, and behavioral disorder in Social Context. Instance threads in Global Variables identify Isolated Elements as a social and economic burden; therefore, social contribution programs to Isolated Elements can be minimized by Social Authority. Lack of awareness and understanding of evolutionary algorithm path for Isolated Systems can lead to the third stage of injury (Breakdown of control mechanism).

In the third stage of injury, move Isolated Systems to paranoia mode. It involves conflict history, discrimination, ethical issues, and unfair treatment. Isolated Systems perceive lack of regard and absence of social fairness by System Owner. Inequalities in social conditions can be given a negative impression to Isolated Systems.

In the fourth stage of injury (Mode of Social Retaliation), Isolated Systems become victim of Social Hypocrisy due to activation of Retaliatory Instinct Mode. Isolated Systems search mapping algorithms, define good case scenarios, and generate potential transformer structure in terms of retaliation against unfairness in Social Context.

In the fifth stage of injury Isolated Systems find mapping algorithms for Social Retaliation. In this stage, victim of Social Hypocrisy become perpetrator in Social Context because retaliation creates a hostile social environment and it would be ended up in tragedy and Rampage Violence. Social Media focus and reflect victims and ignore so-called perpetrator. Such reaction is known as hypersensitivity reaction and it might be interpreted as a Low Layer Hypocrisy. 
Observation: Harmonic Balance in Biological Systems paves the way for identifying optimal Superego Adjuster.

Observation: Optimal Superego Adjuster can reduce Hypocrisy and then minimize prejudicial beliefs and behavior.
Observation: stimulate optimal Superego Adjuster in terms of  restriction on gun ownership.

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