Sunday, January 18, 2015

What makes someone to be a good human being?

Babies are Born Innocent and Without Sin; however, Social Context modifies Harmony Balance, Superego, and Superego Adjuster through the passage of time. New Characteristic of Superego modifies Primary and Secondary Instincts. Characteristic of new instincts create a new kind of personality and it causes new Decision Making Pattern and Social Behavior. New mapping algorithms in Decision Making can be involved in ethical and unethical reasoning (instance of Superego in Social Context). Interact with Optimal Superego Adjuster (Optimal Environmental Factors) lead someone to become a good human being and vice versa.
Observation: Harmony Balance in Brain ensures interaction with Optimal Superego Adjuster. Harmonic Life Context and social factors generate Harmonic Balance in Brain. Mother Nature would  neither recognize Harmonic Life Context nor approve equity principles for human being.

Observation: Harmonic parameters in natural environment would modify the behavior of Wildlife in a nature. Harmonic Global variables, which are articulated by Systems Owners, ensure Harmonic structure in nature.
Observation: Unquestionably the most significant person is the one who use the optimal decision making model during one’s lifetime. How to approach optimal model in decision making is depend on numbers of activated instincts, inactivated instincts, and Harmonic Balance in Brain.
Optimal instincts imply to how one can activate good instincts and inactivate bad instincts through social contexts (optimal Superego Adjuster). Harmonic Balance in Brain stimulates Superego Forces to interact with optimal Superego Adjuster.

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