Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bad instincts modify instance parameters in Social Context

Fundamentally, Human beings used to modify own Activated Instincts and Inactivated Instincts with the support of Optimal Superego Adjuster, which underlie Social Context. In the real world, Parameters in Social Context modify number of Activated Instincts, Inactivated Instincts, and Superego due to the rules that defined in General Systems Theory and external environmental changes. Systems respond to changes through internal adoption. Parameters within internal adoption ensure Harmonic Balance in System platform. By the common sense, System mechanism responds to external changes in order to survive. It is quite unfortunate that parameters in Social Context are modified by Global variables. System Owners articulate Global Variables according to changes in Competitive World. Those attributes are highlighted in Competitive World create complexity and add tension in Global Variables and instance parameters in Social Context; therefore, Human beings adopt and encapsulate more bad instincts than good Instincts. Even more vicious cycle of bad instincts modify instance parameters in Social Context.
The numbers of Activated Instincts and Inactivated Instincts are unique like fingerprints in human beings. It is impossible to identify same number of Activated Instincts and Inactivated Instincts among human beings. Besides, human beings may not possess exact same Activated and Inactivated Instincts.
Factors beyond sustainable Competitive Advantage in Global Variables have responsible for instantiating of multiple poor algorithmic parameter models in Social Mechanism and activating bad instincts in human beings. Global Variables supposed to address and promote somehow good instincts and inactivate bad instincts in human beings.
Most invisible entities in Biological Systems and Non-biological Systems might be identified and handled by scientific knowledge of instinctive brain functions. It requires knowing characters of all invisible Instincts and how activated and inactivated instincts would modify environmental components. Identify the entire Invisible Instincts and their Instance Inherit Functions can pave the way to resolve complex map and wicked problems in Decision Making, operational procedures, and Social Behavior.   
Some Activated and Inactivated Instincts are inherited and have fundamentals of genetic algorithms.

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