Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pattern Matching Algorithms for Instincts develop on evolutionary path of life

The Vicious Cycles in Social Context appear to be perpetually modified distinct evolutionary path of Social lifestyle. The real structural complexity would be difficult to discover in Social Context, Even if experts identify instance parameters in the first Vicious Cycle. 

Complex algorithms in Social Context used to develop originally by Systems Owners.  Global Variables are articulated and aligned with Social Context according to algorithmic parameter changes in Competitive World. Elite & Big Corporations are mechanism beyond convergence to multiple parameter sets in Competitive World. Top priority in control mechanism of Competitive World is Economic Perspectives, Political Power, and Sovereignty; therefore, economic mechanism in Competitive World modifies structure of Global Variables.

System Owners try to control System Platform according to general economic modeling in Competitive World.  Mapping between System Platform and Competitive World create and save economic modeling and Competitive perspectives in Social Context, which is contrast with human nature and Social Innovation. A tangled mapping operation in Competitive World generates complex Social Context and modifies Human Instincts.

Complex Instincts are activated in Brain through cycles of time (low numbers of good instincts and high numbers of bad instincts might be possessed by human beings). Complex Instincts generate unethical Decision Making and eventually cause unhealthy behaviors and lifestyle choices.

Side effects of unhealthy Behavior and Lifestyle Choices modify Social Context and initiate The First Vicious Cycle, which cause unlimited complexity.  It may resolve neither complex Social Context nor poor activated instincts.

Global variables should have articulated by Systems Owners according to Pattern Matching Algorithms for good instincts.  Economic perspectives can articulate after good multiple instincts executions ( ). 

System Owners must be expected multiple bad instincts executions ( ) among innocent people when Social Context allocates Vicious Cycle Mode.

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