Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cooperative Domain in European Union (EU)

In the light of biological evidence, Human beings are the most intelligent species on earth. Social Equity and the state of “Cooperative Domain” within Social Context have not been achieved since Dark Ages. Active “Competitive Instinct” in Brain and “Competitive Domain” within Social Context have hampered active performance path of “Cooperative Instinct” and “Cooperative Domain”. According to history of all the world’s original civilizations, Human beings have been exhausted to tackle sustainable development of “Cooperative Domain” and “Cooperative Instinct” due to Economic Prosperity and Affordable Financing. During the past several decades, creativity and intelligence development has been inspired Modern Humans for creative thinking skills and possessing things in a sophisticated manner; therefore, the “Competitive Instinct” has been promoted to higher level and then developed “Instinct of Hypocrisy”. Eventually, on the path of Human Evolution, “Instinct of Hypocrisy” stimulated instance parameters in “Social Context” and created “Hypocrisy Domain”.

Under what circumstances “Cooperative Domain” can generate in “Social Context”?

“Cooperative Instinct” must be activated in Brain of “Powerful Decision Makers” and all citizens by natural ways in order to generate “Cooperative Domain” in Social Context. However, instance parameters in Social Context have been preoccupied by “Competitive Domain” since middle ages. Consequently, “Powerful Decision Makers” need to experience and exercise “Cooperative Principles” through development of several different algorithms. “Cooperative Principles” must be established and exercised by Artificial Harmony which represents “Cooperative Domain”, within Social Context.

The European Union (EU) has established and exercised “Cooperative Principles” by Artificial Harmony in Social Context during past six decades. Multiple exercise patterns for “Cooperative Principle” have been stimulated and developed “Cooperative Instincts” in brain and “Cooperative Domain” in Social Context so far. Pattern Algorithms, which have been used by The Europe Union (EU), is one of the best and the most useful algorithms for “Cooperative Principles”. Creating sophisticated embedded algorithms in EU have never before experienced and coordinated in Human History. The concept of Social Modeling and Event History Modeling in (EU) can be used as an experience and exercise settings in terms of promoting “Cooperative Principles” on a regular basis in daily life. Achieving cooperative outcomes in a non-cooperative framework can pursue significant “Cooperative Instinct” in Brain and would identify “Cooperative Domain” in Social Context. However, in reality, the Social Structure of the Europe Union (EU) has been influenced by the concept of “Competitive Domain” and “Competitive Instinct”. Gaining a Competitive Advantage through a stronger marketing plan was one of the top priorities beyond The EU Framework Program. (Fig 1)


According to observational study, Cooperative Model of EU can be confronted by complexity and open-loop cycle due to existence of “Competitive Instinct” in brain of “Powerful Decision Makers” and “Competitive Domain” in “Social Context”.


“Cooperative Model of EU” can stimulate instance parameters in Social Context. In the best case scenario, it would generate both “Cooperative Instinct” in Brain and “Cooperative Domain” in Social Context.

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