Thursday, November 26, 2015

Austere Instinct targets functional action within Ego in order to setup Closed-loop

This study focuses on both Homogeneous mechanism and Heterogeneous mechanism within Instinct Domain. Besides, how “Extreme Austere Isolated Instincts” interact and protect “Ego Defense mechanism”.
Instance Parameters in Social Context can stimulate the configuration settings for Instincts. It initiates an Open-loop (Stimuli) and then “Activated Primary Instinct” transmits signal to “Secondary Instinct” in order to process “Social Stimuli” into “Logical Part of Brain” and “Ego Brain Cell”.
Algorithmic parameters in Social Context stimulate Designated Instinct. At the same time or in overlapping stages, allocate id- pattern of “Social Stimuli” in the specific Instinct Cell. Social Stimuli calls a function within “Ego” through Instinct Domain.  “Ego Defense Mechanism” transmits Signal Modification towards “Iceberg Metaphor”. (Fig 1)
Active “Primary Instinct” defines Homogeneous Mechanism (Identical Instinct). It implies that “Active Instinct” process “Social Stimuli” into “Logical Part of Brain”. Superego Algorithm can modify “Social Stimuli” and then “Sensory Analysis System” transmits signal towards “Iceberg Metaphor”. (Fig 1)
Sensory Analysis System (Analysis Cells) monitors and analyzes algorithm signal from “Secondary Instinct” and Superego. Data signal algorithms from “Sensory Analysis System” and “Ego” interacts with each other within “Iceberg Metaphor”. A state of compromise between two forces generates “Decision Making Model” as an outcome of “Iceberg Metaphor”. (Fig 1)

Instinct with long-term interval open-loop in the past time causes “Extreme Austere Isolated Primary Instincts”. Active “Austere Isolated Primary Instinct” defines Heterogeneous Mechanism (Non-identical Instinct). It implies that “Active Instinct” targets receptors signal within “Ego Defense Mechanism” and sends information about “Social Stimuli” through “Secondary Instinct” in terms of protecting “Ego Defense Mechanism”. “Extreme Austere Instinct” ignores “Logical Part of Brain” and it transfers opportunity into functional action within “Ego Defense Mechanism” in order to setup Closed-loop Instinct. Austere Instinct obstructs signal processing between “Second Instinct” and Sensory Analysis System”. Parameters in Decision Making Model and Social Behavior Pattern would be characterized by “Extreme Strong Ego-drive”. (Fig 2)

Multiple conflicts between Ego and Superego cause open-loops in Brain. Each open-loop attenuates Harmonic Balance Processing towards Superego. Inefficient Signal Processing in Harmonic Balance might also be considered as unstable Superego defense mechanisms.
Some attributes in Superego adjuster are identified as follows: Religions, Life Philosophy, Psychoanalytic Aspects, Austere Lifestyle, Cultural Paradigms, Experimental Knowledge, ethical parameters.
Religion can promote superego in terms of overcoming the Ego. Superego can activate good instincts and inactivate bad instincts.

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