Sunday, December 6, 2015

Instinct Domain can characterize goodness of humanity after death

Logical Processes in Brains’ Neural Networks can be associated with “Logical Spirit” if scientists turn hypothesis testing around Human Spirit. Scientists need to prove that Human Spirit is fully encapsulated by Human body.  Eventually, the basic principles underlying hypothesis testing might be shown that logical data signals in Brain store in three logical components, where can be allocated in Human Spirit. Logical data in Human Brain can characterize either innate goodness or innate darkness during lifetime as well as after death. (Fig 1), (Fig 2)
These three brain components are as follows:
2- Superego
3- Instincts (Which Instincts are active?); (Which Instincts are inactive?).

According to hypothesis of Instinct Domain in this study, Supernatural force can monitor and characterize Human genetic susceptibility (Innate goodness, innate darkness) after death through Logical Data Model within those three brain components.

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