Monday, January 25, 2016

How would Earth Inhabitants successfully fulfill life’s mission via Superego strength?

Low quality Superego implies that increasing the risk of unsuccessful life’s mission on earth and lack of Harmonic Balance in Brain. It occurs naturally to the most suppressed people without proper education and with low Harmonic Balance in Brain. High quality Superego implies that having big potential for becoming a successful in life’s mission on earth and having good Harmonic Balance in Brain. Certain people with good educational opportunities and with optimal Harmonic Balance have better potential to access Superego Adjuster within Social Context. Superego Adjuster can synchronize Superego quality and enhance Harmonic Balance in Brain.
Optimal parameters in Social Context promote Harmonic Balance in Brain and Superego Adjuster. Harmonic Balance in Social Context maintains the state of inner peace and maximizes level of calmness in Brain. Superego Adjuster is instance of Social Context, which is generated by Optimal Global Variables in Social Context. Some attributes in Superego adjuster are identified as follows: Religions, Life Philosophy, Psychoanalytic Aspects, Austere Lifestyle, Cultural Paradigms, Experimental Knowledge, Science, Education, Ethical Parameters, and Spiritual Wisdom.
Global Variables (Constitutional Principles) is articulated by Systems Owners. Global Variables design and implement procedures in order to preserve system integrity protection due to political economic perspectives on Big Corporations and Competitive World.  Complexity initiate in this layer because Systems Owners are supposed to prioritize Harmonic Balance in Social Context instead of pulling advantage of Big Corporations; besides, Systems Owners must identify Sociological perspective on Human Behavior and generate Optimal Superego Adjuster in Social Structure.
Instance parameters in Competitive World inspire Systems Owners to become more competitive. Elite & Big Corporations and used to articulate Instance parameters in Competitive World in spite of fact that these parameters attenuate Harmonic Balance in Social Context.
Two major factors can resolve complexity beyond Harmonic Balance in Social Context. The Instinct Modification in people, who runs Big Corporations and the characteristics modification of Social Context.
Social Context has integrated by Structural Parameters and Source Mechanism of Competitiveness since twenty centuries ago. Therefore, it would be almost impossible to modify and attenuate Source Mechanism of Competitiveness in Social Context.
People beyond Big Corporations have active Competitive Instinct and Inactive Cooperative Instinct. Supernatural force is the only entity that can modify genetic codes (Competitive Instinct) and generate new Decision Making Models for people, who control Big Corporations. (Paradox of omniscience)
According to observational study, prognostic and predictive testing in Social Context, Competitive Instinct and parameter setting of Global Competitiveness is going to get stronger among Owners Corporations, Systems Owners, Earth Inhabitants, and Structural Characteristics of Social Context. Possible chance to have stronger Cooperative Instincts, weaker Competitive Instincts, and stronger Cooperative parameters in Social Context is at a minimum level. This case study illustrates under what circumstances Social Context may produce Cooperative parameters and how Earth Inhabitants would successfully fulfill life’s mission on earth. (Figure 1)

The strengths and weaknesses of Cooperative and Competitive Instincts in Brain of “People beyond Corporations” can determine complexity in Social Context and can guarantee successful life’s mission for Earth Inhabitants.
Earth Inhabitants have not equality of fair opportunity in order to fulfill their life’s mission on earth today.

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