Sunday, January 17, 2016

The main purpose of man's life on earth can be Superego Development

The main purpose of man's life on earth is controversial due to complexity and infinite variety of problems underlying universe. Life is filled with paradoxical patterns, which shape man’s life through Social Context.  However, one major definite purpose of man’s life on earth can lead to Human Evolution. The course of human development would be initiated by instance parameters of Social Context (Optimal Constitutional Principles + Superego Adjuster + Harmonic Balance in Brain).
According to observational study, the main course of human development and evolution is logical process flow surrounding “Superego” in the Brain, where optimize via Social Context. Therefore, main purpose of man’s life on earth can be Algorithm Optimization within Superego. Progressive parameter algorithms in Superego modify and enhance Ego and Instinct Component. Modification identifies values and ethical principles that affect human life on earth. The outcome of modification generates optimal Decision Making Model and moderate stability in Social Behavior Pattern. Activated and Inactivated Instincts determine rational quality of Superego.
The diagnostic criteria for disturbance of Superego Framework are as follows:
1- Low Level Optimization Mode within Social Context due to critical Constitutional principles.
2- Low Level of Harmonic Balance in the Brain because of critical parameters in Social Context.
Both of the above criteria prevent high quality Superego promotion and hinder appropriate conditions for Human Development. Human’s life would be senseless when low level optimization perform within Social Context. Most people can suffer badly in Social Context and discriminate by Key Constitutional Principles in terms of low Instinct k value, low quality Superego, and complex Genetic Factors.  A few people can enhance Superego’s strength despite of fact that low level of optimization resource might be allocated in Social Context. Superego’s strength can enhance in the Brain because of Parameters beyond Genetic Characteristics. Eventually, optimal Decision Making Model generates ethical Social Behavior Pattern.
People in zone 2 have more potential to develop Superego than people in zone 1 because people in zone 2 have access to Superego Adjuster. People in zone 1 struggle to overcome complexity in Social Context; therefore, they cannot focus on potential existence of Superego Adjuster. After death, Supernatural Force may be considered life’s mission was not fulfilled successfully on earth by most suppressed people in zone 1. Low level quality in Superego and low level Instinct k value would determine successful life’s mission on earth.  Superego Adjuster demands proactive social life opportunities and optimal Constitutional Principles. (Figure 1)

Some attributes in Superego adjuster are identified as follows: Religions, Life Philosophy, Psychoanalytic Aspects, Austere Lifestyle, Cultural Paradigms, Experimental Knowledge, Science, Education, Ethical Parameters, and Spiritual Wisdom.
Number of Activated Instincts + Number of Inactivated Instincts = k
Harmonic Balance in Brain is modified by Parameters in Social Context and Instance of Social Context is affected by Constitutional Principles.
Lack of Superego Adjuster in zone 1 hampers Superego Development.

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