Monday, September 1, 2008

Extreme invisible entities across system borders

A solid approach cannot contribute to boost low productivity when invisible entities grow in entire system platform. Extreme complexity in multi-channel communications causes system to halt or operate ineffective. System optimization or enhance system performance can improve issues and promote activities in short term; however, extreme invisible entities can prevail over recovery process and numerical optimization procedure. It is an expensive investment to improve hidden issues and does not ramp up profits when local optimization conducts for multiple complex parameters in subcomponents.
The simple solution to reduce complexity is modification of global variables and system level reorganization. System downsizing may be one option for creation homogeneous system; nevertheless, outcome and side effect of unanticipated mass layoffs correlate of unhealthy patterns of behavior among internal and external customers. System owner has always tendency to elaborate dogmatic structures in the social mechanism and system platform because structure parameters of layoffs procedures and guidance are easy and cheap to implement in system framework.
System cannot respond to internal and external environments when invisible entities grow across system environments like a big society. The political party activists can revive system through optimization subcomponents and eliminate corrupted entities; however, the setting realistic optimization and new pattern layout of activities cross system environments would be tough to achieve.
System designer may freeze old rules and parameters, global variables and finally adopt new ethics rules base on old parameter values. Many invisible threads combine and execute new and old parameter concepts after system improvement; consequently, system illustrates same issues as a past time. System designer cannot eliminate the whole group of old parameters because system improvement costs growing unusually fast. Chance to rebuild and use same standardize system functions in short terms mission is very low. Some developers believe that the best resolution for optimal system performance is eradication of all corrupt components and processes; however, the evolutionary security system has not been illustrated positive option for such an eradication procedure so far.
The technical aspects of Apocalypse reveal that after the turning point and turmoil in the earth, social mechanism may have better functionality because old social mechanism eradicate totally! Most issues in the current social mechanism refer to prominent characteristics of human nature, not just social constructions of human kinds.

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