Sunday, October 12, 2008

Invisible entities develop in consecutive evolutionary parameter phases

The first phase of invisible entities initiates co-evolutionary system owner- global codes process when invisible entities appear and detect in system environments according to the following structure criteria for evolutionary parameter theories. Invisible entity grow in conductivity-sensing module from one hour up to million hours; until, it prepares to develop and move to second phase of evolutionary mode.
The second phase of evolutionary mode calls invisible explosion, which perform in two kinds of instances.
1) Sluggish explosion
2) Vigorous explosion.
The first instance is sluggish explosion: It refers to instance, which invisible entities cannot infect neighborhood networks associate with multi-entity in environments because parameters in each entity are constrained in system environment. Both system integration and potential interaction mechanisms paralyze; besides, optional path parameter disable for possible threads beyond system framework. Entities with different reference attribute values are in a solitary mode. Sluggish explosion modifies neither defective entities nor transfer side effects in system platform. Expert can easily detect symptoms of invisible entities and diagnose source of issues beyond system boundary. Sluggish explosion correspond with system recovery in short term.
The Second instance is vigorous explosion: It refers to instance, which invisible entities can infect neighborhood multi-entity environments. Invisible entities are contagious and can transfer to complicated parameters and move to various system layers and external environments. These complicated parameters would able to interact and modify attributes in defective entities by the first life cycle of interaction. Vigorous explosion may expand to large system environment variable values. Expert cannot detect and follow easily parameters prior to vigorous explosion; besides, these parameters are not conspicuous.

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