Sunday, October 12, 2008

The common criteria modify properties of system performance

There are many dynamical factors contribute to build invisible entity frameworks in system platform. The source of complexity sometimes refers to parameter setting in sociology and anthropological perspectives on global variables. The common criteria modify properties of
system performances represent and discuss as follows:
Unreliable route guidance and inaccurate system information run into system input.
Performance information flows into system input without availability constraints.
The lack of information flows through system input.
The inconsistent information and process of knowledge transmitted across system boundary.
Daily routines, allocation strategies, and global variables need optimization.
Manipulative strategies implement in performance process control, personal satisfaction, system integrations, IT- platform architecture, outsourcing contracts and channel coordination, supplier transactions, customer service performances, ensuring product quality, influence of raw materials quality, and marketing plan and business process model.
System developers may have neither competency nor a holistic view of system infrastructure.
Prejudice and sloppy concept overcomes when system designer writes global variables, vision, strategy, and makes substantiated decision guidelines for system performances.
Outsiders, for example, (governments, terrorists, and competitors), can attack system dynamic stabilities.
Risk of corruption can be among middle, general managers and parliamentary authorities.
Face deadline pressure and fast time to market can cause invisible entities in project structures and different work types.
Incompatibility among multi elements (employees) and devices pave the way for invisible entities.
Perceptual inadequacy on a contextual communication framework of channel can prevent getting general system information.
The paradox of job and parameter strategies modifies system activities and can produce complexities. These parameters focus on following factors: organization commitment, job satisfaction, job motivation, and job commitment.
The optimal resources planning have not deployed in system structure and global variables.
Information efficient availability mechanisms do not function across system borders.
Failure to invest in security measures for system IT platform.
The lack of standardization in IT platform creates invisible entities.
Benchmarking product association has not anticipated and exploited prior to the marketing period.

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