Sunday, October 12, 2008

Relationship between compatible resources and invisible entities

Employees execute resources and tools to perform and achieve daily work assignments. Hardware and software must be compatible with internal and external work devices; otherwise, service and product quality value would be diminished gradually. System designer verifies that resource compatible tools play vital role in system performances and organization activities; nevertheless, compatibility feature minimize sometimes because of economy perspectives, cultural policy, private social policy, time to market, and global vision.
Invisible entities generate through related resource incompatibility and penetrate to system environments and infect defective entities across system environments. It causes multiple value parameter uncertainty and breakdown of subsystems, modules, and components. System designer tries to focus on issues and challenge for maximizing investigations of parameter uncertainty. Complicated processes and threads would not distribute and yield significant global transparency and functional harmonic analysis level; therefore, system cannot respond to external changes promptly. Analyzer can sometimes detect partially source of error and global conflict in long terms. It might be expensive to reanalyze error assumptions among old defective entities, and re-evaluate security measures for compatible resources. It is even difficult to detect old defective entities and follow up recovery procedure in different modules as a result of current resource incompatibility.

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